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Forensic Hypnosis

As you know, when witnesses or victims are needed to relay information from a crime scene, their memories are not always as helpful as you would like them to be. Most people are only using 3-5% of their mental capabilities on a daily basis. When they tap into the power of their own minds, they enhance their recall.

New Jersey Family Hypnosis provides services to the community for individuals, companies, departments, and schools. I am Certified Hypnotist who conducts private sessions to assist individuals in reaching their personal goals. It is important for me to help people. Through my studies of hypnosis, I have completed and received special Forensic Hypnosis Certified Training with a retired Police Officer and former Marine with over 26 years of Forensic Hypnosis experience. I am confident that I can assist you effectively.*

Everything Is Important

In deep Hypnosis regression witnesses or victims may be able recall:

Vehicle: License plate, Color, Bumper Stickers, Broken Windows, Hub Caps, Number of people, Make & Model

A Person: Voice. Hair, Hight, Weight, Walk

Scene: Visibility, Buildings, Weather, Blood, Distance, Cars & Trucks, Animals. Weapons, anything visual.

Sounds: Gun Shots, Trains, Planes, Screams, Laughter, Voices, Traffic, Running, Radio, Unusual Silence, other sounds.

and many details they never thought about or didn’t think where important.

The amazing thing with age recession is you can take a witness back in time. (anytime) 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and they can recall a scene as if it happened yesterday.

All sessions are completed with one detective or police officer present, all sessions are video recorded, all session are completed without leading questions of any kind.

Hypnosis may or may not provide any additional information you are looking for, but you never know!

Contact me on how I can help you. (732) 412-5570.

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New Jersey Family Hypnosis does not practice medicine, and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. Hypnosis does not constitute Psychiatric treatment, Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis. Hypnosis is self-help. Understand that the success of hypnosis depends greatly on own ability and desire to affect change in self, the results depend greatly on own serious participation and follow through. We do not offer a guarantee nor a refund.

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